Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Moved!

So last night I had a killer headache and was in bed by 8:30, as soon as my kiddos were asleep. I was laying there watching a show trying to relax when I felt the baby move. I smiled from ear to ear. I was so excited. As I lay there I felt it even more.
For a couple of weeks when I lay down I have been wondering if what I felt in my stomach was the baby or not but last night there was no doubt in my mind. I know when I am getting kicked when I feel it. The baby did it between 5-10 times and each time it made me smile.
I have my appointment in a week to find out what sex the baby is but it was just nice to feel he/she move to know everything is ok.

Turkey Hats

So yesterday Nov. 20th I was babysitting Rush's best friend Zach and about 30mins after he was dropped off he started crying for his mom and wouldn't stop. So I thought we would do a craft to take his mind off it. I pulled some things out of our kids craft closet and decided to make turkeys. This was totally impromptu, I had no idea how or what exactly to make. First we were going to make masks and then we turned out making hats.
I just cut some paper plates in half and glues all the stuff on it and then hole punched a hole on each side and strung some yarn through it and fit it to each kids head.
I think they turned out so cute and the kids had a lot of fun. And most important Zach was happy the whole time!
Happy Turkey Day

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reception part 2 :decoration

I know there are a lot of pictures but it turned out so pretty. Kristi did the cake balls and cake and I did the decorations!

Kayla's wedding shoes

The sun melted the frosting on some of the cupcakes and it dripped onto the table cloth

Kayla and Andrew getting ready to leave

Reception part 1