Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kayla's Wedding

 Keilei's hair. I started with just a braid that wrapped around her head with the bottom half of her hair down but I figured she would get really sweaty so I just circled the braid back around. I was really afraid it would start coming undone in a couple hours(or with her a couple minutes) but it actually lasted ALL day!

Rush yelling because he didn't want to stand on the fountain while I took a picture, he thought he would fall in. This is him wet up to his knees because he decided to stand in the fountain when no one was looking.

All the kids playing in the fountain waiting for Kayla and Andrew to come out
My adorable kids! They looked so cute!

The Newlyweds coming out of the temple
Some pictures of Kayla

Hugs all around. First each of the little kids got one!
Then the adults
Keilei scrapped her knee and she was happy that aunt Tami had a bandaid to fix it!