Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Little Repunzel

...or Tangled as Keilei always calls her

I made this for Keilei. Her niece in AZ had one and she loved it. I saw it in the store for $15 something. instead I bought a thing of yarn and made her this for $3 something

Snow Day & Sledding 2/20

It snowed outside and the kids couldn't wait to go play in it. So they played outside for a bit and then we decided that since Sean had the day off we would make the most of it and take them sledding.
We went up to a park on Cliffside and we had SO much fun. the kids couldn't get enough, especially Rush. After each time he went down he would say "Try Again! Try Again!" They both had their favorite sleds to go on. It really was so much fun.

Keilei being King of the hill

This is were we went sledding. As you can see Rush is a little spot out in the basketball court. He always went so far. The view was amazing too!

Me and my kiddos getting ready to go down again

Sean bringing them back up the hill

Rush doing snow angels