Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/11 Build it w/ Dad, Lily's Bday at ChuckyCheese

First we woke up and had this for breakfast. Nichole made it and it tasted like the cinnamon sticks at Pizza Hut. I am a big fan of anything cinnamon so this was great. She makes the best food, I have never had anything I didn't like at her house. She is amazing!
Sean was supposed to go on a bike ride with Ryan but I woke up with a headache so I spent the morning asleep in bed and Sean took the kids.

The kids went to Lowe's with Papa Lowe to built Valentine boxes. Papa Lowe also works there. Sean went with him and they took Keilei, Rush, Kate and Tyler.

building away

I think this one of the only pictures of Tyler we got while we where down there. He was at school when we did stuff during the day and he is old enough now he doesn't hand out with the little ones which is who I am always with.

At 2 we met Nate, Micaela, and Lily at Chucky Cheese for her birthday party. It really was a lot of fun. The kids had a good time. Their bday parties there are kinda cool. You get tokens your own table, a bunch of food, cake, and time with the big mouse. A nice no stress, I don't have to bring anything but presents party!

The kids had fun doing all the games

These pictures aren't really in order but we played games, ate, played games, Lily got to go in the blowing ticket tube thing. The mouse came out and spent time with the birthday kids, sang happy birthday, had cake and then more games.

They gave Lily a crown and sang to her and she blow out her candles. This part was killer on my head. They wanted people to be as loud as they could...Loud + Headache = Pain. But there was no way I ws going to miss out on her party.

That night we met Sean's Mom, Darcel, & the kids at Chicfila

Rush showing his road rash from biffing it. It doesn't look that bad but it turned into a really big scab later. Rushy sleeping, I just had to take a pic.