Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/19 Color Chart

I think I saw this on Pinterest but I made these charts in Picnik. You give the kids the chart and some kind of colored candy and they match up the colors. They had a fun time, they really liked it. I had to help Rush get started but after that he did it mostly on his own. He would take a piece in his fingers and purposely touch it to the wrong color and say No and touch it to all the other wrong colors saying No each time and then put it on the right one and say Yes. He doesn't know the names of all the colors yet but he matched them up great.

Keilei liked it too she kept asking for more candy

2/18 Egg garland & Art easel

I saw this on pinterest and wanted to give it a shot so I went to the store and bought to packs of plastic eggs for a total of $4. I got some fishing line and a needle and started stringing them, they already have hole in the top and bottom of the egg. And then hung them on the banister. It was cheap and super easy.
In the middle of doing it I went back to the pinterest post to make sure I was doing it right and found out. They ones they used where really hollowed and dyed eggs. I had no idea, it didn't even occur to me that they would be real eggs...probably because I have a 2 and 4 yr old. But it explains why theirs looks better then mine.
But I like it and more important my kids do, and like I thought real egg shells wouldn't have lasted an hour, more or less a day with my kids.

While we were in Arizona we went to Ikea and I got this art easel for the kids. It wasn't on the shopping list but for $15 I couldn't pass it up. It has been the best $15 I have ever spent, the kids use it every single day so far. They love it!

This side is a dry erase board and so I bought some dry erase crayons to use on it . They work great and they wipe off of other surfaces too like the chairs and the floor:)

2/14 Valentines Day

I didn't think to take pics till afterward but I left this bag and the rose on the counter for Sean to find on Valentines morning. In the bag was a couple random treats and little things I thought he would like. There was also a card.
He found it and in the morning and then came to me and the first thing he said was "Crap now I have to get you something"
Yeah it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You can tell how much of a romantic Sean is.

later that day Sean came home with this. A huge balloon and a card with raspberry chocolate sticks and the Breaking Dawn movie. It kinda made up for his comment. I especially liked it because I really like them both but they are 2 thing I wouldn't buy for myself. He did a good job!

Loved it

2/12 Lily's Birthday presents

We went to visit Nate and the fam and since we forgot to bring her present to Chucky Cheese we brought Lily her present. So Lily got to open her Birthday presents. Lily has been asking for a pink scooter for awhile now and it was so fun to be there to see her get it. She was so excited! We gave her a framed picture of her and Keilei at Chuchky Cheese and some art supplies because she is quite the little artist.

Her very own pink scooter

teasing Rush

she also got a cool bright pink helmet

Rush playing with Daddy

It was so fun to be there and to see them. I miss them so much. I love Nate and his family. I couldn't imagine him having a cooler wife or daughter. I'm glad I got to spent a little time with them.

2/11 Build it w/ Dad, Lily's Bday at ChuckyCheese

First we woke up and had this for breakfast. Nichole made it and it tasted like the cinnamon sticks at Pizza Hut. I am a big fan of anything cinnamon so this was great. She makes the best food, I have never had anything I didn't like at her house. She is amazing!
Sean was supposed to go on a bike ride with Ryan but I woke up with a headache so I spent the morning asleep in bed and Sean took the kids.

The kids went to Lowe's with Papa Lowe to built Valentine boxes. Papa Lowe also works there. Sean went with him and they took Keilei, Rush, Kate and Tyler.

building away

I think this one of the only pictures of Tyler we got while we where down there. He was at school when we did stuff during the day and he is old enough now he doesn't hand out with the little ones which is who I am always with.

At 2 we met Nate, Micaela, and Lily at Chucky Cheese for her birthday party. It really was a lot of fun. The kids had a good time. Their bday parties there are kinda cool. You get tokens your own table, a bunch of food, cake, and time with the big mouse. A nice no stress, I don't have to bring anything but presents party!

The kids had fun doing all the games

These pictures aren't really in order but we played games, ate, played games, Lily got to go in the blowing ticket tube thing. The mouse came out and spent time with the birthday kids, sang happy birthday, had cake and then more games.

They gave Lily a crown and sang to her and she blow out her candles. This part was killer on my head. They wanted people to be as loud as they could...Loud + Headache = Pain. But there was no way I ws going to miss out on her party.

That night we met Sean's Mom, Darcel, & the kids at Chicfila

Rush showing his road rash from biffing it. It doesn't look that bad but it turned into a really big scab later. Rushy sleeping, I just had to take a pic.