Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ode to Anasazi

So I was looking through old pictures and came across these two. It was right after my mission while I was living in Arizona with an old mission companion Bethany Nuttall and working at Anasazi, it is a wilderness therapy. I was also dating/engaged to Sean at the time.
It was the funnest and hardest job I have ever had. I wish I had gotten to work there longer. It was a blast! I have some of the coolest memories that will not soon fade. I learned that it takes all your emotional strength to do something so physically challenging. Shortly after my brother Spencer passed away I tried going out on the trail again and my mind, heart and body where in different places that it made the trekking impossible for me at that time. It was a real eye opener since I was in the same physical shape but physically could not do it. So I am a big believer that attitude and heart can help you beat the odds or be to your detriment(like with cancer, health problems, etc) That is just one of the many things I learned out there. Also that there is good in everyone even if most people have a hard time seeing it. That there is so much we can learn about nature it is mind boggling and God's voice it clearer when you are out amidst His creations.
Some day I even want to send my kids there when they get older, it is an unforgettable experience!

This is me after I got off the trail.
(yeah those pants, there is NO way I would fit in them anymore)

These next pictures are of life on the trail. I never got any pictures while I was on the trail but I got these either from Anasazi website or my friend.

This is Bethany out on the trail.

Bethany on the right. That is another way you can pack your stuff but I would only do it that way if you are going a short distance

Bethany on the left

Bethany in her sleeping bag peeking out of her shelter

A group out on the trail
(and by trail I mean get from point a to point b with no trails)

"Busting a coal"
rubbing those sticks together till it makes a coal like ember that you put into bundle of kindling. This is literally the only way we got fire while on the trail.
You don't bust a coal =you don't have a fire = you don't eat!

and then blow on till it makes flames

and this is your scrumptious dinner after you cook it over the fire

This is what my shelter looked like pretty much every night. You can't fit your whole body under there and all be covered unless you are curled into a ball. Some nights you just slept on your poncho and if it rained you pulled half of it over you. You also used your poncho to wrap over your pack to keep it dry if you had to cross through deep rivers.

Awe the memories of sleeping under the stars

These next pictures are just from that time period

Bethany, Rachel, Jana
This after Bethany and I where married and we were visiting Rachel and the old place we lived

Me and Bethany

some of the things trail walkers do on there days off. Bethany is 2nd from left

and this is me with them

Monday, January 23, 2012

Subway Art

This is my first attempt at making subway art. It kinda reminds me of Captain America but I guess that really isn't a bad thing. I learned how to do it here at I am Mamma Hear Me Roar. I love her blog! I use Picnik to edit photos sometimes if I want to do something a little crazier then just cropping and b/w. I had no idea you could do that kind of stuff in Picnik. I have also heard you can make a still picture from a video but I haven't done that yet.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going Private

I have decided that I want my blog to be private. I haven't been blogging lately but I plan to pick it up again soon. Since it is pretty much my journal and I post whatever I feel I would rather not have the whole world able to read it, not that they do, but I want to keep my kids a little safer.

So if you want an invite to read it leave a comment with your email, or send me a message on facebook, or email me so I can add you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Growth Chart- Ruler

So I saw this on Pinterest and loved it and decided to make one. I Love it! Sean says I should make a bunch more and sell them at the framers market...we will see?