Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keilei and bugs

yes my almost 4 year old daughter happens to really like bugs. Some people(my sister and nephew) find this disturbing and want to teach her how to be afraid of bugs. I on the other hand enjoy that she loves all creatures.

The other day Keilei ran in my bathroom as I was getting out of the shower really excited about something. She was carrying her bug cage and she had caught a big grasshopper all by herself! She decided to show everyone.

showing Rush Reilly and Cole

she caught it while she was outside helping grandma pick apples

That night we went to the fun park, or the "Big Playground" as Keilei calls it, for Will's Birthday party. The kids loved it and it was SO good to be able to spend some time with Carolyn and Jordan.
The pink fangs are one of the toys Keilei got for her tickets she won