Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keilei and bugs

yes my almost 4 year old daughter happens to really like bugs. Some people(my sister and nephew) find this disturbing and want to teach her how to be afraid of bugs. I on the other hand enjoy that she loves all creatures.

The other day Keilei ran in my bathroom as I was getting out of the shower really excited about something. She was carrying her bug cage and she had caught a big grasshopper all by herself! She decided to show everyone.

showing Rush Reilly and Cole

she caught it while she was outside helping grandma pick apples

That night we went to the fun park, or the "Big Playground" as Keilei calls it, for Will's Birthday party. The kids loved it and it was SO good to be able to spend some time with Carolyn and Jordan.
The pink fangs are one of the toys Keilei got for her tickets she won

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall:Decorations and leaves

our front porch

pinterest idea

another pinterest idea...they are toilet paper rolls wrapped in orange tissue paper
get "Boo"..Poo and it is toilet paper! hey I thought it it was funny!

First Snow 10/6

It has arrived

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boo at the Zoo 10/8

Last night I stayed up later then I should have trying to get the kids costumes done because today was our Boo At The Zoo they have games and trick or treating for the kids. I think they turned out really cute. And everywhere we went you couldn't help but notice that all eyes where on Keilei and Rush. I am not trying to toot my own horn or anything but had had like 20 parents tell me how cute they where and asked if I made them and stuff. I am glad they turned out well cause I wanted to do all the family in a similar costume and I had already started Keilei's Scarecrow dress(I stole the idea from a lady on etsy Here I couldn't afford to buy hers so I made my own.). Sean wasn't too exited about scarecrows but even he said he was really impressed, it made me feel good. And more important the kids had a lot of fun.

Fishing for Halloween treats
Getting a balloon animal from a clown. Rush biffed it right as I took this picture, total Rush, he is always falling on his face
My  little Scarecrows

You might not be able to tell but that lady is holding a owl. Keilei and especially Rush loved it.

After that we went to a pumpkin patch and bought a ton of pumpkins for super cheap. I love decorating with pumpkins. I LOVE pictures taken by pumpkins too. Aren't they SO cute...I mean my kids not the pumpkins:)
This is just in support of the Gators today, Rush was dressed up too. Kayla and Andrew her boyfriend were decked out in Utes apparel.

I hope for hope

I just finished a month long round of antibiotics (after taking 4-5 other rounds of antibiotic over the last 6 months).I hadn't even been off it a week and day before yesterday I got a sore! Yesterday I had two! Today I have 5!!! Will this EVER stop!?!

When do you ever hear of someone being on antibiotics for that long and it not clearing up whatever it was supposed to? I NEVER have.

I am petrified that this will never go away. That one day I will have sores they cant get rid off and the infection will spread through my body and since antibiotics don't work I am going to die from this.

I know I am not very positive right now, I am depressed. I just want a brake from having something physically wrong with me. Not only do I have these MRSA sores I have horrible female issues going on plus other crap. So basically the whole area of my body that would be covered with  a pair of boxers is in pain and having issues...this isn't new either this has been going on for 6 months now! I am losing it.