Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Is The Place

I am way behind on my posts, that is an understatement, but we actually went here on June 7th FYI

Keilei and Sean in front of the monument

Keilei on a horse ride. And a pic of Keilei with the SLC valley behind her

Keilei was trying to get some leaves to feed the goat and the goat got up on the bench right by her and it freaked her out when she turned around. Playing in water. Standing by the This Is The Place Monument

Sean feeding a goat, Keilei pounding a design into leather, Sean & I

Keilei on the train

One the little "train" that drives you from one side of the park to the other.

train ride. Panning for gold. Rush's treat

the amazing view of the SLC valley from our little train ride.
I love the one where Keilei is trying to shade her eyes so she can see.

this is a huge stink bug that Keile was carrying around, she is fearless when it comes to bugs
we had to stop the train ride so a bunch of geese could walk across to the pond

the kids washed clothes and pretended to iron them.
There is a mock ship and Keilei is in one of the top bunks. Rush Man

this cabin was home to a husband,two wives, & 7 boys and 3 girls
the boys slept in a loft upstairs that you got to by a ladder on the the outside of the house that Sean is standing by.

Keilei loves riding the ponies. feeding a lamb from a bottle

Sean loves goats don't ask me why but he was excited to see them more then the kids were.
Rush riding a horse for the first time. He only lasted a couple of seconds.

Rush pushing the lamb trying to move it while Keilei is petting it.
Rush and Sean petting the lambs

Sean sleeping while Keilei & Rush played on the playground and in the mini houses they have there.

They even had a little mini Fire station, which happened to be Rush's favorite

Keilei in front of a statue of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith
Rush and Keilei both fell asleep the minute we got them in the car, it was a long fun day:)