Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Star Night @ the Farm

We went to American West Heritage Center for their star night. It was fun it started at 7pm and they had some carnival type games and the kids won prizes like stuffed animals, glow sticks, & pencils. They did water color paintings, dipped candles, had a fire, and a fake robbery of the store with guns shooting. And of course they kids rode the train and horses. They had a place to make lanterns out of cans too but my kids were to young to play with nails and hammers. They also did horse drawn wagon rides after dark and the horse and wagons had glow sticks all over them it looked pretty cool.

Keilei riding the horses. Rush didn't want to this time which isn't too surprising since it was his bed time. Sean and our cute kids! Can I just say I love Logan's summer nights! They are perfect!

Rush and I

I had to put this one on because I love the color of Keilei's eyes in it. Keilei and Sean have the same color of eyes, they both change colors too.

My Family

Keilei on the wagon ride. She had so much fun.
We sat next to a couple that had two little kids and I asked how old their little girl was and they said 1, she was really small and they said she was 3 months preemie. After talking for a second they said they have two one year olds. I looked at them confused and they pointed to their older son and said "he is one and she is one, they are 9 months apart" I swear my jaw would have hit the floor if it could have. That just blew my mind! Even having them 12 months apart, which is what they would have been, is crazy. They are the same age for 3 months out of the year and depending on when their birthdays are they could be in the same grade in school even! Crazy, crazy crazy!