Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shaved Heads For a Good Cause

So I absolutely hate Sean with a shaved head! I am not bias or anything, some guys can pull it off but Sean is not one of them! So when he told me he was planning on shaving it I was not a big fan. But when he told me why I couldn't tell him no. So today a whole bunch of firefighters got together and had a head shaving party. One of the firefighters wives has breast cancer and she has to shave her head because all her hair is falling out. I don't know how it all came together but a bunch of firefighters shaved their heads as well to show support for her. It was a pretty cool site to see. There where firetrucks parked all around the park and a bunch of guys in uniform getting there head shaved. They had two beauticians there helping and the third chair the firemen took turns, the person getting his hair cut would cut the next persons hair. It was pretty cool. Kenny shaved Sean's head and let Keilei help and then told her to find our clippers and cut her own hair! Luckily she didn't like that idea and she started to cry, thank goodness that is the last thing I want her thinking about doing!!

Kenny cutting Sean's hair, letting Keilei help

Sean's new hair cut

I just love seeing people wear the pink shirts from Sean's event he put together

Sean taking his turn shaving the next guy. The kid in the middle is the ladies son. A bunch of fireman waiting for their turn

Sean giving some things to Jenny . I guess she used to have long hair but cut it short in preparation. But she ran her hand through her hair and she showed all the guys how it literally falls out in globs. She shaved her head after some of the guys went first.