Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Sores

K these are kinda gross pictures fyi. It is a boil and the stages of it so there are pictures of puss.
I keep getting sores on my thighs and butt since April. It is horrible and painful and I just wanted to document it so someday when they are gone I can be reminded to be grateful.

This on is on my upper butt almost to my waist. Which was especially bad cause I couldn't sleep on my back and even sleeping on my sides put pressure on it...I didn't sleep well for a couple days.
They start out small and get bigger in a couple days and then they are really painful because you have a pocket of puss built up under your skin and the pressure hurts. It usually takes a few days of taking super hot baths for 20+ mins at least 3 times a day and putting a moist heading pad on it the rest of the day for it to finally come to a head and pop. Meanwhile trying to take care of my two kids and not let them get near or bump the area.
The scientific word for what I have is Folliculitis (it's something to do with your hair follicles getting infected) I have gone to my doctor, a surgeon and the urgent care(to get one cut open) and tomorrow I am going to a dermatologist. Hopefully this Doc has some answers cause I am on my 5th round of antibiotics and it ain't going away. I think that is because when I got the first one I had it tested and it came back as MRSA. Apparently that can be really hard to get out of your system.So yeah good luck to me!

That is my finger in the pic just so you know. This is the huge, bigger then a silver dollar, red tight sore

this is on the 2nd day of me draining it

that is the core of it that I had to pull out, yeah it hurt

and this is the big hole that is left.
...EWW Aren't you glad you read that, but it will make ME grateful someday I am sure!