Friday, August 19, 2011

What Color to paint my kitchen?

I am the most indecisive person I know, which helps me be a more go with the flow type person but it becomes a dilemma when I am trying to figure out what color of green to paint my kitchen.
I have been wanting to do it since we moved in. I think the cabinets and the walls blend into each other too much. It is just too much beige, cream, or off white whatever you want to call it.
I asked Sean and he said that other then the dark green they are all the same color...boys! None of the colors turned out to be EXACTLY what I was looking for but I am sick of the whole process and now have 5 little paint cans of different colors of green. It has taken me awhile but I think I am going to go with the top green color, which you can't see very well cause the light is reflecting off it, but it will be flat paint when I do it so that won't happen. I will post pics when I finally get around to painting it

The color on the far left is the color I am going with...I think!?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Sores

K these are kinda gross pictures fyi. It is a boil and the stages of it so there are pictures of puss.
I keep getting sores on my thighs and butt since April. It is horrible and painful and I just wanted to document it so someday when they are gone I can be reminded to be grateful.

This on is on my upper butt almost to my waist. Which was especially bad cause I couldn't sleep on my back and even sleeping on my sides put pressure on it...I didn't sleep well for a couple days.
They start out small and get bigger in a couple days and then they are really painful because you have a pocket of puss built up under your skin and the pressure hurts. It usually takes a few days of taking super hot baths for 20+ mins at least 3 times a day and putting a moist heading pad on it the rest of the day for it to finally come to a head and pop. Meanwhile trying to take care of my two kids and not let them get near or bump the area.
The scientific word for what I have is Folliculitis (it's something to do with your hair follicles getting infected) I have gone to my doctor, a surgeon and the urgent care(to get one cut open) and tomorrow I am going to a dermatologist. Hopefully this Doc has some answers cause I am on my 5th round of antibiotics and it ain't going away. I think that is because when I got the first one I had it tested and it came back as MRSA. Apparently that can be really hard to get out of your system.So yeah good luck to me!

That is my finger in the pic just so you know. This is the huge, bigger then a silver dollar, red tight sore

this is on the 2nd day of me draining it

that is the core of it that I had to pull out, yeah it hurt

and this is the big hole that is left.
...EWW Aren't you glad you read that, but it will make ME grateful someday I am sure!

My Cute Kids & Baby Zoey

My little thumb suckers

watching a show

Rush walked in and saw the baby and went over to her and said Awe Baby! And Keilei had to give her a kiss.

Zoey with grandma, Zoey with her Daddy. She wasn't a very happy girl that day

Finished Deck

Our deck is finished! Now once we get some grass I can put the lawn chairs on the lawn and get some patio furniture to go on the deck. But for now we love it. the kids love eating out there.

Princess dress

My mom bought this at a garage sale for $3. It is Keilei's new princess dress.

Star Night @ the Farm

We went to American West Heritage Center for their star night. It was fun it started at 7pm and they had some carnival type games and the kids won prizes like stuffed animals, glow sticks, & pencils. They did water color paintings, dipped candles, had a fire, and a fake robbery of the store with guns shooting. And of course they kids rode the train and horses. They had a place to make lanterns out of cans too but my kids were to young to play with nails and hammers. They also did horse drawn wagon rides after dark and the horse and wagons had glow sticks all over them it looked pretty cool.

Keilei riding the horses. Rush didn't want to this time which isn't too surprising since it was his bed time. Sean and our cute kids! Can I just say I love Logan's summer nights! They are perfect!

Rush and I

I had to put this one on because I love the color of Keilei's eyes in it. Keilei and Sean have the same color of eyes, they both change colors too.

My Family

Keilei on the wagon ride. She had so much fun.
We sat next to a couple that had two little kids and I asked how old their little girl was and they said 1, she was really small and they said she was 3 months preemie. After talking for a second they said they have two one year olds. I looked at them confused and they pointed to their older son and said "he is one and she is one, they are 9 months apart" I swear my jaw would have hit the floor if it could have. That just blew my mind! Even having them 12 months apart, which is what they would have been, is crazy. They are the same age for 3 months out of the year and depending on when their birthdays are they could be in the same grade in school even! Crazy, crazy crazy!

My kids

Aren't they cute!

I just had to put this one on so you could see Keilei's amazing natural highlights

Shaved Heads For a Good Cause

So I absolutely hate Sean with a shaved head! I am not bias or anything, some guys can pull it off but Sean is not one of them! So when he told me he was planning on shaving it I was not a big fan. But when he told me why I couldn't tell him no. So today a whole bunch of firefighters got together and had a head shaving party. One of the firefighters wives has breast cancer and she has to shave her head because all her hair is falling out. I don't know how it all came together but a bunch of firefighters shaved their heads as well to show support for her. It was a pretty cool site to see. There where firetrucks parked all around the park and a bunch of guys in uniform getting there head shaved. They had two beauticians there helping and the third chair the firemen took turns, the person getting his hair cut would cut the next persons hair. It was pretty cool. Kenny shaved Sean's head and let Keilei help and then told her to find our clippers and cut her own hair! Luckily she didn't like that idea and she started to cry, thank goodness that is the last thing I want her thinking about doing!!

Kenny cutting Sean's hair, letting Keilei help

Sean's new hair cut

I just love seeing people wear the pink shirts from Sean's event he put together

Sean taking his turn shaving the next guy. The kid in the middle is the ladies son. A bunch of fireman waiting for their turn

Sean giving some things to Jenny . I guess she used to have long hair but cut it short in preparation. But she ran her hand through her hair and she showed all the guys how it literally falls out in globs. She shaved her head after some of the guys went first.

Keilei's 1st dentist appointment

She was so brave. Luckily her teeth look good, well other then the fact she sucks her thumb. It is making so she has a really bad overbite. The dentist said that if we can get her to stop that her cheeks will pull her jaw back the way it is suppose to be. It is easier said then done though:( Any bright ideas?

Lori's Birthday

We went to chuck-o-rama for Lori's birthday lunch, it was fun. Then that night we put up balloons and streamers and made her a cake and surprised her with a little party at Mom's house. Which looked cool but I didn't have my camera on me. Lori is 43 this year.

The Farm

Rush by the stream where you pan for gold.

I love this picture. That poor kitty was so patient with her. It was her first experience with a kitten and she was in heaven!

Keilei with both of the twin kittens. The one that is falling actually scratched he leg pretty bad, but do you think she let go of the other one, no way:)

Keilei got to go collect eggs in the chicken coop. She did it all by herself. She loved it.

Right after I took the picture with Rush in it he picked up one of the eggs and then dropped it back on the pile of eggs and cracked a bunch. They got to go wash the eggs off and some veggies they had just picked in the garden. And Keilei got to toss the broken eggs out into a field.