Sunday, July 24, 2011

The questions begin with Boobs!

Keilei asked"Why are my Booboo(Keilei's word for Boobs) so small" I explained that they would get bigger when she got older and she said "They will get bigger and lower down?" It's so nice having your 3yr old daughter tell you you have saggy boobs!
But breast feeding both my kids for a year each was totally worth it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where I'm From

My friend had this on her blog and I really loved it and it totally brought back a lot of memories. I'm not from exactly the same things but a lot are the same. Maybe I will try and write one like that sometime.

Here is a bit of it, go check out the rest at Prairie Mama @
Where I'm From...

I am from corn fields, football games and popcorn. Swimming all day and skinny dipping at night. I am from fireworks by the pool and catching lightning bugs. I am from Yahtzee, Dominoes, and Wheel of Fortune. I am from peanut butter toast, rootbeer and Cheezies for lunch....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost Shot To Death

So this morning I woke up to a gun pointed at my face!

...My mom had borrowed our pellet hand gun to scare away birds last night, honestly she was trying to shot them(something I do not approve of BTW). When she returned it I left it on the kitchen table, uncocked.
I woke up with Keilei holding to my face saying "BANG! BANG!"

Yeah that was very disturbing! First I was glad it wasn't cocked and second that it wasn't a real gun, yeah I would have died this morning. Not that I would leave a real gun on the table. But Keilei and I had a talk about not pointing guns at people. I am still disturbed though. It makes me not want to own a gun.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"I Want Jesus To Come"

I was reading a bedtime book to Keilei about how God made us special and a page in the book says that Jesus loves us too and want to be your friend and there is a picture of him with a bunch of little kids.
Keilei got all excited and said, "I want Jesus to come here!" I told her, "Maybe someday." That made her SO happy she was bouncing up and down and had the biggest smile on her face and said "To be here with Me and Rush and my family. And you and Daddy and my cousins!"

It made my heart melt!

It strengthens my testimony to hear her say things like that. Logically speaking Jesus is just this picture she has seen in books and at church and home. She has been taught that He loves us. But to her He is real and she believe that He loves her and is so excited to meet Him. I know that wouldn't happen with just any other picture of a person shown to her. Not in the same way.
I know we lived with Him before and we knew Him, the gospel, and the plan. So when we hear thing down here on earth, especially about Heavenly Father and Jesus, it's like it just rings true. Because we already know it we are just learning it again! It happens at any age if we have the right heart and Spirit with us but I think is so much more clear in little kids.It is so special.