Monday, June 27, 2011


Rush has gone through this phase were he won't say Mom, everything is Dadda. He learned how to say it when he was really little. It was one of his first words right after he started saying daddy. But ever since then he wouldn't say it. No matter how hard we tried to get him to. We would tell him to say Momma and he would say Dadda. There have only been a couple times he has said it. Once when he was crying in his room and Sean went to get him and he pointed to the door and said Momma. Then he said it one other time while my little sister was around and she even said that is the first time I have ever heard him saw Momma. That is about it, the only two times I can think of that he said it.
A couple days ago Keilei locked Rush in her room and he was trying to get out and yelling Momma! I was so excited! Then the other night I asked him to say it before he went to bed and he said it! I am hoping that this is a turning point and he will actually start calling me by my name now. I guess we will see.


Missy said...

Dallin seems to say "da-da" a lot more then "ma-ma," already! It's funny how exciting it is to hear them say your name.