Monday, June 27, 2011

Daddy comes home

Last night I put the kids to bed and Keilei was out as soon as soon as her head hit the pillow but Rush took about an hour to go down. It is usually the other was around. But I went in to lay him back down and he wanted me to read him a book. I read him a few and then sang a few songs. Then he wanted to sing the Daddy comes home song, go figure, he is all about Daddy. We sang it a few times then he kept pointing to pictures in his room with Sean in them and saying Daddy over and over.
Keilei is pretty used to Sean being gone a lot, I think she understands that he is at work, but Rush has a harder time with it. When he is home Rush doesn't want to let him out of site. When he has to go back to work Rush asks for him all the time. It is really cute but it makes me sad too.


Rush has gone through this phase were he won't say Mom, everything is Dadda. He learned how to say it when he was really little. It was one of his first words right after he started saying daddy. But ever since then he wouldn't say it. No matter how hard we tried to get him to. We would tell him to say Momma and he would say Dadda. There have only been a couple times he has said it. Once when he was crying in his room and Sean went to get him and he pointed to the door and said Momma. Then he said it one other time while my little sister was around and she even said that is the first time I have ever heard him saw Momma. That is about it, the only two times I can think of that he said it.
A couple days ago Keilei locked Rush in her room and he was trying to get out and yelling Momma! I was so excited! Then the other night I asked him to say it before he went to bed and he said it! I am hoping that this is a turning point and he will actually start calling me by my name now. I guess we will see.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Keilei has her dolls all laying on the ground around her in a half circle, they are all face down. I ask her if they are sleeping and she says " No they are Tarnated" After a while of trying to figure out what that means and still having no clue I asked her what tarnated means and she says "Not right, Not happy"
Tarnated = not right and not happy
That worries me a little cause she puts her dolls face down a lot. I'm not a child shrink but I don't think that is a good sign. Any ideas on why she does that cause I have no clue?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st Day At The Pool & Keilei Went Missing!

We were at the pool a grand total of 5 mins before my daughter disappeared!
When we got to the pool we had to wait 5 mins to get into the pool because they had locked the doors because a kid was missing.(should have known that was a bad omen) We got in picked a lawn chair & I told Keilei were she could swim. I put Rush's life jacket on and set him in the pool with Keilei. I stood at the edge and started to spray myself with sunscreen, I only got half done cause I ran out, and then looked up to check on the kids. Rush was right were I left him but Keilei was no where to be seen.(So people when I tell you my kid likes to run off I am not joking, and she is fast) I searched the pool, looking at each little kid individually, no Keilei. She had said when we first got there that she wanted to go on the slides so I looked that way and for a split second I thought I saw her on the stairs. I ran and grabbed Rush so we could go check the stairs to the slide. When I got closer I saw a little girl in a similar swimsuit as Keilei and with short blond hair, it wasn't Keilei though. Crap! if that wasn't her then where is she!?! I checked the kid pool again quickly with no luck. I am starting to really panic now! I am about a second away from going to tell them to do another lock down till I find her when she comes running up to me dripping water from head to toe. I grab her and ask where have you been and she says excitedly,"I went down the big slide, it was scary!" I am awe stuck, how did I get such a brave independent girl? I give her a lecture of course and try to explain things to her. Then I asked which slide she went down, one is a windy one and one shoots straight down. She pointed to the one that goes straight down!
You could tell I was panicked from her being missing but when she pointed to the slide and I looked up I noticed a couple of lifeguards where looking at us. I told Keilei she couldn't do that by herself and she pointed to the lifeguard in the water(at the bottom of the slides) and said the lady helped me. Thank Goodness For The "Lady"!!! You could tell they kinda wanted to say something to this little girls parents but I think when they saw that she was getting scowled cause she had gone missing they understood. I wish I had gone over to tell that life guard thank you though!

When she told me she went of the fast slide my mind was swarming with questions. Little kids aren't allowed on that ride. How and why did she get down it? There is a lifeguard that stands in the pool but at the end of the other slide to catch kids that can't swim. What if they hadn't gotten to Keilei in time?! She must of snuck up there and just jumped right in that slide. But that spits you out and into that water really fast! And without anyone expecting a little 3yr to come shooting down it I am SO grateful they grabbed her! But on the other hand she should have never been able to go down that slide. Obviously the 1st safeguard failed: her parent(knowing where she is and all that) but the 2nd safeguard failed too: the life guard at the top of the slides that tells you when it is your time to go! Luckily the 3rd safeguard was on the ball: the lifeguard in the water.

Later I took Keilei and Rush up the slides so that Keilei could go on the windy on and so I could teach her how to do it right. The lifeguard at the top had her back turned to the lines of people behind her. She was looking over the rail to see when people get done on the slide. She barely turned her head at all when it was our turn, to tell us we could go.
If that is how the other one was it is no surprise to me how Keilei got down that slide. she could have just walked right up to it and sat down and slid without them ever seeing her!

Anyway it was a scary experience! I am going to be putting Keilei's life jacket on the second we get to the pool. It is neon pink so it will help me locate her and so hopefully she can be a little safer if she does end up in deep water again.
I told Sean about on the phone and he just laughed the whole time....I didn't think it was that funny. But I can see why he would laugh. That slide and getting submerged in the water at the bottom didn't phase her a bit. She wasn't the least bit scared when she ran up to me she looked like she had just had an adrenaline rush! So Sean may think it is funny but it scares the crap out of me!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yards Are Stressful

So figuring out our yard and money to get it done is more stressful then building the house was. Yards are SO expensive when you are starting from scratch. Right now it is a bunch of weeds and rock piles. And we are running out of money. Then when we do have something to get done Sean doesn't have anyone to help him do it, so it sits and sits and sits. By no fault of Sean's he has tried calling a bunch of people to help him and no one ever can on the days that he has off, it is getting very frustrating.