Sunday, May 15, 2011

Keilei's Soccer Game; week 2

These are all pictures of Keilei stretching practicing and playing. She loved one on one practice. When she was suppose to play she didn't like running and would run over to me every couple minutes and say "I'm hot" "I don't want to run" or she would just wander around on the gym floor. This was her last week because she kept saying she didn't want to play anymore.
I had second thought about making her keep trying but she is too much like me and hates to be hot and so when it comes to something else when she is a little older I won't let her give up too early.

This picture Keilei sat in the middle of the floor and was pouting because she was hot and didn't want to run. These three other little kids were so sweet and sat down with her to see what was the matter with her. It was so cute.