Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Animal Days 4/9/11

So it was rainy and miserable. They had all the animals in 2 buildings and you couldn't take strollers in them! That was horrible. Then you crammed like sardines and it was so muddy outside that you could barely push your stroller. I had our season pass but if I had paid to get in I would have gotten my money back, it was not worth going. The only reason I did is because I told the kids we were going to. They should have cancelled and rescheduled.

This is the part of the farm they held it all in.

This is out of order but this is him asleep on the way home. His eyelashes are so long.

Keilei got a balloon and looked at frogs

she loved the rabbits , and tried to smile for me

Rush and the pigs, baby bears