Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Keilei and Rush were in the backyard playing with one of the two things there is to play with back there, dandelions. The other thing is rocks:) But it was so cute I had to take a couple pictures. The first two are my favorite...

gathering flowers for Mommy

Keilei in her grass blanket

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Craft -Design T-Shirts

FYI: It took me 2 hours to load these pictures because our stupid internet. So just an example of why I don't post.(I am 27 posts behind:( and it is killing me)

I had a bunch of plain t-shirts for the kids (they are cheaper) that I decided to make a little spiffier. I wish I had more time to embellish some of them but this will have to do for now...

Keilei with her modeling smile:)

Front, back: Fully Charged

Front: "k for Keilei"as Keilei puts it, back

left:I live outside right:the tie is one I wanted to embelish, I wanted to do a big stitch around the tie.

Front, back-I wanted to sew around this too so that the iron-on fabric won't peel off.

left: Smooth(like butter:) right:Fire Department symbol

Mom's B-day Present

This is Kayla's Birthday/Anniversary present to Mom and Dad

Keilei loved popping the bubbles but it scared Rush

Easter Egg Hunt

K I had to put these two pics cause I thought they were so cute

As usual we have our family Easter egg hunt either at Gueniva or in Mom's backyard. So we had it up the canyon this year. We had a lot of fun as usual even though there isn't many grand kids to actually hunt for eggs

Me trying to get a pic with Rush

chillin and waiting for everyone

I LOVE this picture of Rush

getting ready to start

Keilei finding eggs

Bry helped Rush while I helped Keilei since Sean was working.

K check this out, as I was looking at these pictures I noticed something, Rush has a Yellow egg

Keilei eyes the yellow egg, Keilei makes a swap and Rush now has a red egg and Keilei has the yellow

...notice something? How did Keilei end up with both eggs. She is tricky!

All our family and all our cars