Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You know that annoying part of your body where your thighs rub together, well at least mine do, I guess really skinny people don't have that:) Well on Thursday or Friday I when I knelt down to have prayer with Keilei I noticed a little pain there on my right leg in that general area. I thought I might have a zit but when I examined it there was none. The surface was red and I could feel a growth under the skin. For the next couple of days I tried hot compresses, heating pads, and hot baths to try and get it to come to a head so I could pop it and get the infection out of me but with no luck. As each day went by it just got bigger and redder. I finally showed Sean and he said I should go into the doctor(he never says that). It was the size of a quarter by this time and you could feel the big growth under my skin.
So I called my doctor and he is out of town for a couple weeks.So I went to the urgent care so I could get an antibiotic. It was a sist or boil and 9 out of 10 times it is staff. They said that they are very common.They also said that there is no way I could have prevented it, that it is just bad luck. But to my surprise when they looked at it they said they have open it up and drain it.
So they gave me a really painful shot and then cut it open and drained it and flushed it out and then shoved packing in it and bandaged me up! I have to go back in every day so they can repack it until it is all the way drained. I went back in today and they had to give me a shot again because they had to re cut it on the inside.
So sitting kills and walking isn't much better. I walk like I have a stick up my butt. The pain killers I am on makes me want to sleep all the time. And to make matters worse I just got a phone call from the nurse and she said the lab work just came back and said that it is MRSA, which in case you don't know is like the worst kind of staff and is really hard to get rid of. So they had to call in an even stronger antibiotic for me.
I have a really crappy immune system. I always get infections. When I got my wisdom teeth out they got infected, when I get stitches..infected, episiotomy...infected, not to mention breast infections and yeast infections! So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I have mersa, it was just a matter of time.
Well at least I don't live back in pioneer times I would be dead many times over. Thank Heaven for modern medicine! I am a big fan of it, it saves my life a lot! I truly am grateful for it.
So hopefully in a couple of days I will be back to normal & cross my fingers I don't ever get one of these again!


The Superintendent's Wife said...

Hope you are completely healed very soon, Jana.

Missy said...

Ouch!! I'm so sorry you are prone to infections! I hope it goes away really soon.

Brayden's Mommy said...

Jana I am SO sorry!! That sounds super miserable! I feel like we could be twins in the health department! After my last surgery I got MRSA, and I got the phone call from the Urgent Care with the results on Thanksgiving! Yeah, that sucked! Right after dinner I had the go to the ER. And I'm allergic to clindomyocin, so I had to got on 2 diff antibiotics. I'm a 1%'er. infections, allergies & bad reactions, etc. that only 1% of people get, well I'm in that 1%! Sounds like you might be too.
Hope you're better by now! ;-)