Sunday, April 3, 2011

House Photos, Inside!

I still have some things to hang up. And we don't have a TV yet(except the little ancient ones in the kids rooms:) but the house is getting there.

Living Room


You might notice the paint swabs taped under one of the cabinets. I really want to paint the kitchen another color so the cabinets don't blend into the walls so much. I am just trying to decide what color to do it. I am thinking a neutral lite olive green color.

please ignore the dishes:)

Dining Room Our new kitchen table!

Keilei's Room

Yeah I know she has way too many things in her room. But until we finish the basement that is just how it will have to be.

Rush's Room

Spare Room

We got this bed a couple weeks ago at a garage sale. The bed and mattress for $200. Then we were out shopping for a table and saw the exact same bed, just different color, at a furniture store on sale for a $1,000! I knew it was a steal when we found it but man I didn't know it was just a good steal:)

It has drawers under the bed on all sides!


megan and darin said...

beautiful home. i especially love the blue trunk in rush's room.

Brayden's Mommy said...

Your house is SO GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!! The way you decorated it, and all of your furniture is beautiful!
I'm so jealous, especially of your kitchen! ;-]