Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures of Keilei & Rush

I really need some new pictures done of my kids! I didn't realize it but they haven't had their pictures taken for since Keilei was 18m and Rush was 6m. I would have when they turned 3 and 1 but is was the holidays and we where moving it got put to the back burner and then forgot about.We did get some done last Aug. but that was more family pictures and there is a great one of them together. I need to get some pics of them separate but it is a weird age 3y3m and 16m. So I am trying to wait until they are 3 1/2 and 18 m.
I am not a photography, I would love to learn more one day, but I need some new pic to put on the wall. So I took some...granted it is still too cold and wet to go outside but this is what I got...

I wish she was wearing a black shirt it would have matched Rush's better, and just looked better.
I love the way Rush's turned out but it is SO hard to get a good picture of Keilei!

Keilei was watching me turn them black and white and said she wanted one pink so I did this one for her:)