Thursday, March 10, 2011

My New Haircut

My inspiration
left is my very favorite for now but with no red
right is how I want to do my hair next time, even the short cut but no bangs, maybe:)
My hair before
My hair now

I know it isn't a huge change but I wanted to keep the length for now and Sean wanted me to stay blond. But I had to do something different! She dyed the underneath a darker brown, not quite as dark as I wanted. Then on the top she didn't leave the bleach in long enough so the first 2-3 inches of my hair at the roots is yellow! Which really upsets me but I can't really fix it cause I loved the way the lowlghts turned out.
p.s. I have been wanting to go dark brown lately. It is cheaper and my sis Kayla can do it or even myself and it's less maintenance. I told Sean how much it was and he kinda freaked out, he does it every time! I told him that is why I want to go dark but he would rather have me pay a small fortune(in our little world anyway) to stay blond. Which is fine by me but I think the cost should come out of his wants not mine!