Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mission Companion & Misc.

This is my first greenie I trained on the mission, Sister Pilling, who is now Shilayna Parker and her daughter Inara (I hope I spelled that right?). Who am I kidding I will always call her Pilling:) She came to Logan to she her sister and we got to get together and chat and let our kids play. I haven't seen her for over a year! I missed her! She is the greatest I love that chica!
She lived with Sean and I when she got off her mission and was dating former Elder Parker...yep just like Sean & I...I lived with former mission compion Bethany Nuttal and dated former Elder Lowe:)
It was so great to see her. I wish she lived closer.

I have a picture of Keilei doing this same thing! I had to take a picture!
Keilei playing dominoes