Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Kids

The day that Tangled came out my sister Kayla went to the store to get Keilei a present. I thought she was just getting her the movie. But then she showed up with a big bag of presents.

She got:

Tangled the movie

Tangled sticker book

Mini Rapunzel

Big Rapunzel w/ hair that changes color

Rapunzel dress

It was like the happiest day of her life! She has been wearing the dress for two days straight now and shows everyone her Tangled spoils!

Showing her dolls so we could take a picture and send it to Daddy!

Keilei in her dress that she won't take off. R:showing me her "friend" rock

She woke me up this morning at 4am holding her Tangled dress and asking if she could wear it now because it is morning!

Keilei tried on bunny ears at the store.

She is so excited about Easter. We picked out Easter baskets and she picked out her grass. She asks to paint eggs every day. She also asks for a Aurora barbie doll every day. She really wanted one and I told she had to wait till Easter.

My little man

Whenever we are getting ready to go outside he puts a hat on. It is so cute! I ask him if he wants to go somewhere and he runs over and puts his hat on and then waits by the door. Like he is saying K I am ready lets go!