Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home Update/ Wish List

This is the only room in the house that is actually totally done!...and yes the Gators is Sean's thing not mine. Once we get a bathroom in the basement that is where this is going to go.

I am starting to get things up on the walls!
Wish List...
Kitchen Back splash
I couldn't get this to rotate, but I want to put up a back splash in the kitchen and then possibly paint it a different color so our cream cabinets won't blend into the wall so much, like this demo at Home depot. right:I am in love with this back splash
Here it is in a demo. I am in love!

Here is a pic I found on the Internet and love but since it is so light we would definitely have to paint the walls darker.
The next pics are what Sean wants. It is called Fasade. He wants the silver, I'm not sure about that. But I like some of the other colors.

Some of the other colors

A gazebo. This shed would match our house perfectly! It would be so nice to have it to put the lawnmower and snow blower in it, once we have them that is :), so they don't take up our parking space in the garage.
This fridge on the left is AMAZING too bad it is thousands of dollars. Right: Living where it snows you have to have somewhere to put your shoes when you come in the house. I was thinking something like this, this is to Asian looking for me. But I got to get some kind of something.