Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Kids

The day that Tangled came out my sister Kayla went to the store to get Keilei a present. I thought she was just getting her the movie. But then she showed up with a big bag of presents.

She got:

Tangled the movie

Tangled sticker book

Mini Rapunzel

Big Rapunzel w/ hair that changes color

Rapunzel dress

It was like the happiest day of her life! She has been wearing the dress for two days straight now and shows everyone her Tangled spoils!

Showing her dolls so we could take a picture and send it to Daddy!

Keilei in her dress that she won't take off. R:showing me her "friend" rock

She woke me up this morning at 4am holding her Tangled dress and asking if she could wear it now because it is morning!

Keilei tried on bunny ears at the store.

She is so excited about Easter. We picked out Easter baskets and she picked out her grass. She asks to paint eggs every day. She also asks for a Aurora barbie doll every day. She really wanted one and I told she had to wait till Easter.

My little man

Whenever we are getting ready to go outside he puts a hat on. It is so cute! I ask him if he wants to go somewhere and he runs over and puts his hat on and then waits by the door. Like he is saying K I am ready lets go!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures of Keilei & Rush

I really need some new pictures done of my kids! I didn't realize it but they haven't had their pictures taken for since Keilei was 18m and Rush was 6m. I would have when they turned 3 and 1 but is was the holidays and we where moving it got put to the back burner and then forgot about.We did get some done last Aug. but that was more family pictures and there is a great one of them together. I need to get some pics of them separate but it is a weird age 3y3m and 16m. So I am trying to wait until they are 3 1/2 and 18 m.
I am not a photography, I would love to learn more one day, but I need some new pic to put on the wall. So I took some...granted it is still too cold and wet to go outside but this is what I got...

I wish she was wearing a black shirt it would have matched Rush's better, and just looked better.
I love the way Rush's turned out but it is SO hard to get a good picture of Keilei!

Keilei was watching me turn them black and white and said she wanted one pink so I did this one for her:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Cute Kids

My handsome little man

after breakfast she wanted to "read scriptures to my bouncy ball!"
It was the cutest thing

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wow My Babies are Fat!

I give birth to month old babies and within a couple weeks they are the sizes of 6 month olds, no joke! I wonder if I will have have a baby that will actually be a baby for more then a couple days!?!

These two are only three days apart and are 3 months old in this picture. Rush has no neck and is in 6-12m pants and a 12m shirt!

This is Rush at 2 months
I didn't have any of Keilei's younger pics on my computer but this is her at 6months. Check out the rolls!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snow in the park

This is what my daughter does when there is no snow and she wants to make a snow angel:)

Want some cookie?

Grandma stopping her from face planting

As always Rush loves the swings

..even with snow it is still fun

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It 's that time

I signed Keilei up for soccer for next month. I am excited to see how she does. It is 2 times a week for 45mins and for 4weeks. I am so excited. Although she wants to do basketball, but they don't offer it for her age. She will love that when she can.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My New Haircut

My inspiration
left is my very favorite for now but with no red
right is how I want to do my hair next time, even the short cut but no bangs, maybe:)
My hair before
My hair now

I know it isn't a huge change but I wanted to keep the length for now and Sean wanted me to stay blond. But I had to do something different! She dyed the underneath a darker brown, not quite as dark as I wanted. Then on the top she didn't leave the bleach in long enough so the first 2-3 inches of my hair at the roots is yellow! Which really upsets me but I can't really fix it cause I loved the way the lowlghts turned out.
p.s. I have been wanting to go dark brown lately. It is cheaper and my sis Kayla can do it or even myself and it's less maintenance. I told Sean how much it was and he kinda freaked out, he does it every time! I told him that is why I want to go dark but he would rather have me pay a small fortune(in our little world anyway) to stay blond. Which is fine by me but I think the cost should come out of his wants not mine!

Keilei in a Hat!

I had Keilei try this hat on, I thought it looked so cute on her! But she wouldn't leave it on. I snapped some pictures as she tried to face ram my phone. At least it got her laughing and distracted her from taking the hat off.

My Cool Phone Pics

This is me messing around with picture and the cool stuff I can do to them on my phone...

Sean had to work on Valentines day so I made the bottom right one to send to him. After that I just messed around making other pics to send to him. The b/w are my favorite, I love b/w it make anyone look good:)

Mission Companion & Misc.

This is my first greenie I trained on the mission, Sister Pilling, who is now Shilayna Parker and her daughter Inara (I hope I spelled that right?). Who am I kidding I will always call her Pilling:) She came to Logan to she her sister and we got to get together and chat and let our kids play. I haven't seen her for over a year! I missed her! She is the greatest I love that chica!
She lived with Sean and I when she got off her mission and was dating former Elder Parker...yep just like Sean & I...I lived with former mission compion Bethany Nuttal and dated former Elder Lowe:)
It was so great to see her. I wish she lived closer.

I have a picture of Keilei doing this same thing! I had to take a picture!
Keilei playing dominoes

Home Update/ Wish List

This is the only room in the house that is actually totally done!...and yes the Gators is Sean's thing not mine. Once we get a bathroom in the basement that is where this is going to go.

I am starting to get things up on the walls!
Wish List...
Kitchen Back splash
I couldn't get this to rotate, but I want to put up a back splash in the kitchen and then possibly paint it a different color so our cream cabinets won't blend into the wall so much, like this demo at Home depot. right:I am in love with this back splash
Here it is in a demo. I am in love!

Here is a pic I found on the Internet and love but since it is so light we would definitely have to paint the walls darker.
The next pics are what Sean wants. It is called Fasade. He wants the silver, I'm not sure about that. But I like some of the other colors.

Some of the other colors

A gazebo. This shed would match our house perfectly! It would be so nice to have it to put the lawnmower and snow blower in it, once we have them that is :), so they don't take up our parking space in the garage.
This fridge on the left is AMAZING too bad it is thousands of dollars. Right: Living where it snows you have to have somewhere to put your shoes when you come in the house. I was thinking something like this, this is to Asian looking for me. But I got to get some kind of something.