Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weight Watchers

Because I am one of those people that is not afraid to talk about any subject, except subjects I don't know anything which case I just listen, I can tell you that I am on Weight Watchers.
I am going to write down my weight gain & loses as I go. I'm not going to say how much I weigh just cause I am a little embarrassed to have it on the world wide web. But if you are really dying to know you can ask me:)
I am on week 4 well starting week 5
Here are my stats so far...

Week 1
lost 2.8 lbs

Week 2
lost 3.6 lbs

Week 3
gained 1 lbs
-We moved this week and lived off of take out & I was on my period. But I was still bummed to find i had gained.

Week 4
lost 3.2 lbs

Total lost so far = 8.6 lbs ...........SWEET!


The Hoxsies said...

are you doing the online program? is it expensive? i have been thinking about doing it...

Missy said...

You are doing awesome! Kevin and I started WW when Dallin was 6 weeks old. I've done the meetings before so we just do it on our own and track our points. Unfortunately they don't let you lose very quickly when nursing, but any loss is good right?! I've lost about 14 pounds in 15 weeks. Still got some more to lose but i'm getting there.