Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trip to California-Sun.- L.A. & Beach

Sean & I used our timeshare in San Clemente area this year. We left for a week and left the kids with my Mom. It was SOOOO much fun. We had some friends from Arizona come and stay with us for the first couple of days! It was such a blast to have JC & Erica there with us. I am so glad that they could come.
Sean & I got to our condo at Sat. night had dinner and then where waiting for JC & Erica and we both crashed. I don't even remember them calling to get directions or them getting here, I was out. The next morning we went and had breakfast at RJ's cafe, it was AMAZING, we ended up eating there like 4 times it was that good. Then we drove into L.A. and went to China town and to see the stars and the Hollywood sign. Then we came back and played on the beach right across the street from where we were staying, we didn't want to leave the beach so we ran and picked up some pizza's and smore stuff and went back and had a bonfire and made smores. It was just like in the movies it was amazing! So much fun!

Taking a picture with the kids before we leave, our in case we die picture, it is a tradition of mine.


The view from our condo!!! Right across the street from the ocean, literally!

Driving into L.A.
Sunset blvd. and JC saw this street and pulled over so I could take a picture

China town...
This chicken with it's head still on was laying out to buy. right- Sean trying on a hat it was too small for him, is it crazy that I actually like him in it!?
left- Eating at the place that Rush Hour was filmed, it was amazing food, but the service sucked.

Sean stuck behind the dancing dragon

Erica & I
Me standing at Frank Sinatra's star
Some other cool stars we saw

At the beach...
We went to play in the water and watch the sun set...

Me and my hot hubby!

Yea! I am at the ocean!!!

I LOVE this picture of Sean

Me going into the ocean

Me being way excited about being at the ocean, AND freaking out about the waves!

Sean running from the waves
Jana & Erica

JC & Erica

Me and Sean

JC & Sean

Sean was on his phone a bit, but it was a life saver to find directions and places to eat

Having a bonfire on the beach. We had pizza and made smores :)

trying to make a place to sit