Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Great Night


Sign/closed on our Mortgage loan

Went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse

Got home in time to put kids to bed

Watched a moviee with my Hubby

Enjoyed alone time

Watched it dump snow

My hot Husband

Rush pushing Rush in her doll stroller

Then playing pick-a-boo in the curtains

After that they wen to bed, but it was fun playing with them before bed.

It snowed...

and snow some more!
It snowed even more! When we woke up in the morning you could barely see the bump of a bike under the snow it was crazy

FYI- following might be TMI for some people...
I finally started my period, 2 weeks late! I was so relieved. I am never that late so I was excited, even with the bad timing:) We had fun anyway and enjoyed our time alone. When Sean started kissin on my neck I didn't even worry cause is really good at not leaving marks on me but I ended up with the biggest "curling iron burns" I have ever had. This happened on Friday night and the kicker was I had to give a lesson in Relief Society on Sunday in our brand new ward that we haven't even been introduced in yet!
I had to go to the store to buy a turtle neck the next day to hide Sean's handy work!

yeah I looked like a cheetah:)


Kim said...

What are you? In Jr. High or something with that hickey??? ;) So funny!!!