Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kids do, kids say

You know when your kids say the funniest or most surprising things and you can't help but laugh or at least smile, that is kid magic and Keilei has done a lot of that since we got home.

Thumbs up & eye wink:
Sean was getting all our boxes ready to go to recycling and Keilei was helping him. My Mom and sister came over and commented about how she was doing a good job. She looked up from the boxes winking her eye and doing a thumbs up at the same time. We all busted up! I have no idea were she got that. I had never seen her do that before.
Keilei loves running around naked or just in her undies. She was doing this one day and then she went and put her hat on and then put my boots on. After Rush watched Keilei he got my other pair of boots and brought them to me, he wanted boots on too.

Keilei came walking out of our bedroom with my bra on and she came to me and said look mom I have booboos too.
I went in to Keilei's room to get her ready to go to bed and she was dressed up. It was so cute. She is starting to do this more often now, but she still doesn't keep it on for very long.
My Mom took Keilei to primary last week and a little girl walked in with a frilly dress on and Keilei said, "Look Cinderella!" Then another girl walked in with a frilly dress and she got excited again and said "Two Cinderellas!"
The next time I went to the store I kept my eye out for a good Cinderella dress for Keilei. I found one at target the other day. She was excited to twirl in it. She kneels on the ground so that the dress fans out in a big circle around her.
Rush had this blanket and her was trying to lift it and but it on the couch. So I put it on the couch and then he took a piece of it and tried to pull it to the Ottoman. Then I realized what he was doing. He wanted to make a hut. So I made one for him and he started crawling around in it, so excited.

This is rush's black eye he got. He was at my parents house and he was walking to the bench(when he was just learning to walk). He reached to grab it and his hands missed and his head whacked on the bench. He bawled of course. He had a instant bruise under his eye and it got all swollen. He had this bruise for over 2 weeks, poor guy. These picture are of it on it's way to getting better.

While we were in CA my watched the kids and one night my brother stayed with the kid, they were sleeping, so my mom could go watch a show. Well I guess Keilei woke up and so Sam went to put her back down and ended up laying on the floor by her bed waiting to fall asleep. He dosed of and stated snoring, he is the loudest snorer that you will ever hear, and Keilei would look down at him with an angry glare and say "Sam be quiet!" I guess it happened a couple times, I thought it was so funny.
I found out about that story because the other night she woke up and I went to put her back to bed and she said, "Mommy will you sleep with me?" I told her that her bed was too small and that I couldn't. Then she said, "Mommy will you sleep on the floor like Sam?"
I figure that Sam had laid there till she fell asleep so I asked about it later. I thought it was a cute story and I thought it was cute how she asked me to sleep with her.

Sad one:
Sean was on the computer doing stuff and Keilei brought a book to him and asked him to read it. He told her just a minute, she hung her head and started walking away and said "You always say that" :( she continued to walk to the couch to read it herself and a Sean asked her what she had just said. She answered in the same sad voice with her head hung "Dad you always say that"
Of course he stopped what he was doing and read her the book. I know he is not the only one to blame we both tell her just a minute, or maybe later, way to much. I had no idea that she was really at the age were she notices and it really does make a difference.
We are going to have to work on that.