Monday, February 14, 2011

CA Wed. -Dolphins

Ok keep in mind I have only seen the ocean once in my life, when I was 21 and only for like 1/2 hour cause it was Dec., so I was SO excited to experience everything that had to do with the ocean...which meant I took a TON of pictures everyday.

We had breakfast and then went on a whale watching tour. We got a steal of a deal, it was only $35 for the both of us and there was only maybe 20 people on the boat! We didn't see any whales but we saw a ton of dolphins. Seriously we saw a pod that had about 500 dolphins in it. I was so excited to see them that I was only a little disappointed that I didn't see a whale.

The marina across from RJ's and where we stayed
You see the white condos on the shore line that is where we stayed it was awesome!

Sean & I on the boat
K do you see that line in the water that looks like a wave? That is the pod of 500ish dolphins headed our way!
Here they are when they get a bit closer
Here they are up close and personal!!!!
Can you believe it!? It was so awesome!!!
They are so beautiful I wanted to jump in and play with them
No I didn't really want a picture of me this big but can you see the dolphins behind me!?
Some sea lions just chillin
Sean & I in front of the sea lions
I was so excited!
More dolphins

I just really liked this picture of Sean

I was a little bit wheezy on the boat but was doing good until I had to use the bathroom on the boat. The room was small and no windows and I was swaying. It made me so sick I thought I was going to hurl. It took me like 15mins to get over it but luckily we where turning around heading back at that point so I didn't miss anything.

A cool pirate type boat we saw.