Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CA Thurs.- Beaches/Pacific Coast Highway

We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at beaches and played in the water. It was so much fun.

We went to Hunington beach and I since it is a state beach and in the off season they had most the parking blocked off but I was still amazed that there was no one on the beach, the weather was so nice.

Then we went up the 1 some more and stopped at beach. It is the first time I have seen a peir in the ocean. I have seen tiny ones on lakes of course, but nothing like this huge one.

Once again the beach was pretty empty

All the little black dots are surfers, which was cool to see too, also a first
Most of them just sat there most of the time but it was cool to see them get up

Sean looking for sea shells for Keilei

do you see the oil rig in the background, there where 3 of them that you could see from this beach. I had never seen one on the water before. I like the waves in this picture.
The biggest I have ever seen on a beach. The ones you find at bear lake are 1/2 inch big at the most!
This I thought was cool/interesting the sand was covered in what looked like gold flakes. Californians really are rich they even cover thier beaches in gold:)

A toll both for the toll highways.I think we paid at least $20 in freeway tolls:( Our new phones are great they where a life saver with the gps navigation but it take the most direct route which put us on a bunch of toll road and you couldn't tell which roads where toll roads till you on thier exits. Since I was the navigator and still learning how to use our phone i couldn't figure out fast enough if there was other roads to take, but we NEVER had traffic which was awesome!
This beach was my favorite. It was just little and in a residentual neighborhood. But it had good varity. Sean is about to walk through a little stream that lead into the ocean, it was perfect for little kids to play in, and they where. There was a playground by the parking lot. There was also some rock outcroppings and no sea shells to step on.

Sean playing in the ocean!

I know it is probably nothing to most people but check out that wave, can you see why I was scaried to get in!? I tried to go in with Sean. I got about waist deep and I chickened out and turned around to walk out at just the wrong moment, a wave hit me knocked me on my butt and then rolled me around and almost took my swim suit bottoms off! Can I just say rolling around on sand does not feel so good .So the exact thing I was afraid of happened. I have to say it was pretty hilarious though I wish Sean had got it on camera. After I got my balance and fixed my suit I could totally hear Sean standing in the ocean laughing at me, he saw it all. I had gotten a mouthful of ocean water holy cow it is salty! It took awhile to get that salt taste out of my mouth.
But I am determined to get in next time I am at the ocean...NO more being a chicken.
I drew this and then asked Sean to come over so I could get a picture with our feet in it. As he walked up he said are you going to tell everyone I drew that so it looks like you have a sweet husband?
I guess I should have wrote JL +SL so it looked more like I did it but I had to hurry before another wave came and this is what I wrote.

Me being a chicken
I love this picture with Sean sitting in the sunlight

I thought it was cool watching the ocean waves fill in this trench. This is as the starts going out.
This is when the waves come in

It is the first time I had seen mussels(or whatever they are called)
It was so much fun. Sean wanted to take me up to the beach that is in a lot of movies and has like a ferris wheel and stuff but it was taking to long, it took forever driving up the PCH, and I want to go home and shower before we went to dinner. So we went home. Sean wanted to just jump in the pool and then go to dinner. We got in the pool and got all the sand off us.
A couple times when Sean was working on they house and didn't have time to shower before he had to be somewhere he would just but on calogne and go. We always joke about it being a "Hillbilly Bath". So as we where getting the sand off of us in the pool I asked Sean if this is a "Beach Bum Bath" ?! He laughed and said I guess it is:)
We went to dinner at The Olive Garden! I have been asking him to take me there for probably over a year. He says he doesn't really like eating out at Italian places but every time we do he likes it, I don't know what his deal is with that. But it was yummy for sure.