Thursday, February 17, 2011

CA Friday -Relax & Sat. -drive home/turtles

Friday we took it easy and relaxed. We slept in then Sean went for a run on the beach then we did an afternoon show and then dinner. It was fun to not have any stresses for the day.

Saturday We drove home. Sean had stopped the car out in the middle of nowhere and it woke me from sleeping. I thought he was having a hard time staying awake or something was wrong with the car. He said a car had rolled over and he was going to see if he could help. There was already 4 cars pulled over to help but no ambulance or police so I was glad he went to help. There was a person sitting on the ground and one still in the drivers seat. I thought the one in the drivers seat was hurt really bad and that is why they hadn't gotten out of the car. After a little bit I figured that neither of them where seriously hurt just by the way Sean was walking around and then talking to people.

Sean came back after 10 mins. or so and said that neither of them where hurt and the ambulance was on it's way, the driver had fallen asleep fyi- (which is another example to me why I refuse to drive on road trips or very far at all, I fall asleep so easy), so we continued on our trip.

I was so proud and comforted that Sean would stop to help, and so grateful that he has the skills that he has to help people!

This is the St. George temple. We only saw it from the road as we drove by, we would have stopped but we wanted to get home, but it is such a beautiful temple. I love the old style and how white it is. I think it just made it onto my top 5 temples list:)

This was a hotel/casino out in the middle of nowhere but I thought it looked SO cool in the the shape of an old mill/barn.

We made it home! I was SO glad to see the kids! We gave the kids their presents.

Rush got some new sunglasses
We gave Keilei the sea shells we had collected for her. She was excited.

We gave them the two baby turtles we got for them in China town.

She was even more excited!
I was so glad to see them and to see their smiles!

Rush laying with Sean and watching a move before he went to bed. It was so adorable!

The next day I had to change the turtles water and I let Keilei hold the turtles. I thought once they moved it would scare her but she did great.
This next pic is of Keilei petting the turtle and saying "Oh, it is soo pretty!"

It made me happy:)