Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rush Walked

Yesterday, or was it the day before, Rush was standing up holding on to the ottoman an I was sitting on the floor by him and he let go and took 3 steps walking to me! I was SO excited! He has been doing this for a couple weeks but has never done it coming to me. And I have never seen him do it on his own, you know without us staging it.

It was so exciting and a little sad my little baby is growing up too fast. I just want him to stay a baby. I love the baby stage. From newborn to 18m is my favorite. Not that I don't love other times but they just get so mobile and never hold still and you can't just sit there and hold them and cuddle. Rush is going into that stage and it makes me miss having a little (well at least age wise cause my babies are always HUGE) baby.