Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More House Pics

Mom and Keilei walking out to the house.

The carpet is in, except the stairs. Most of the lighting fixtures are going in today. We still have to wait a day or two for the ceiling fans we ordered. Cabinets are going in today! Countertops and sinks in a day or two. Then laminate after that.

Keilei in her new room. It is crazy how much the color looks different in different lighting
Spare bedroom

Tim working on the banister. Tim and his brother did our framing and all the finish work

Master bedroom

Master closet, well one side, it is exactly the same on the other side two. I am SO excited to have a big closet!


Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

I'm loving you new house! And I love the red siding!!! Me and Dave we'll have to come over and see it when its all done.