Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids do, kids say

I told Keilei to go put her shoes away, and then reminded her where they go, as she walked off doing it she said, "I know sweetheart, I know"

Keilei sang a song all by herself, when we were putting her to bed, and after Sean & I got excited for her. Then she bowed twice while saying "thank you, thank you" Sean & I busted up laughing, then we couldn't get her to stop. Don't know were she learned it but it was so cute.

Yesterday 1/7/11 Rush did his first sign. I was getting him ready for bed and he was waving night, night to Keilei then as we entered his room I asked if he wanted some milk and his wave turned into a different wave. At first I thought he was just waving but then I realized he was doing the milk sign. I told him to say milk and he did the sign. I got so excited, then just like his sister he wouldn't stop doing it.
They are so good at doing things if it makes us happy and excited. They love the praise & attention.