Monday, January 17, 2011

Keilei Cut Her Hair :(

Here is a before and after picture for you. Her hair was SOOO gorgeous and long and perfect and then she had to go and take the scissors to it!!!

I got out of the shower and got dressed and then went to check on the kids. And the first thing I saw was Keilei with a pair of scissors. I thought oh great she has been cutting up stuff, which she had. When I walked into her room to get the whole picture there was some paper stuff she had cut up but then what I saw on the chair made me scream! (Not at her, just in horrified surprise)

She had cut her hair!!!
It was in this dust pan on the chair and on the chair....
A couple different spots on the floor with bunches of hair....
And later I found this in the garbage.
When I looked at her the first thing I noticed was that she had cut at her pony tail....
But after I found the hair in the garbage I checked her more closely.

She had taken a huge chunk of hair off on the side of her head. When I took her hair out of the pony it covered it and it just looked layered in the back, not to bad. But if I did anything with her hair, which I do everyday so it isn't in her face, then this really short chunks totally showed.
So I decided to cut it off. Which made me want to bawl, it still does. But I though a cut a-line haircut would be cute on her. I wanted to keep at much length as possible. I called a couple friends I know that do hair and Shawnee was so sweet to help me out and give Keilei her 1st haircut. I didn't just want to take Keilei to any salon cause I wanted her to have a good haircut. I didn't want someone I have never been to to think oh it is JUST a 3 yr old and hack off her hair. So luckily Shawnee was free.
This is what I pictured in my head, I love how this looks but it turned out a bit shorter.
but the it still looks so cute and I love all the layers in her hair. I love the way Shawnee cuts hair I knew she wouldn't make her look bad.
(I know it looks uneven in this picture but it really isn't)
This is how much length we cut off :(
I am SO going to miss Keilei's long gorgeous hair...I am in morning for her hair(I probably will be till it grows back)


Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

OMG!! You're gonna look back on this in a few years and remember how funny it was. Her new haircut is dang cute!

Kim said...

Oh her long hair all gone!!! :( She still looks so darling and the good thing is that it grows.

Libby just climbed on my lap and said, "There Keilei and Rush!"

We miss you guys!

megan and darin said...

i love how sad her face is in the pic where you are holding up her ponytail. shaunee did a good job though. keilie is adorable no matter what.

Brayden's Mommy said...

WOW! I would be SO sad too! Her long hair was so beautiful! But her short hair is really cute too :) And that pic of her with you holding her pony out is like the perfect sad face :) It's really cute!
The plus out of all of this is that her hair is much easier to take care of I'm sure.