Monday, January 3, 2011

House Progress

Everyone has been asking for pictures. Here they are...
The progress on the siding. The back and sides are done.
Our panit colors. When I look at it like this I think I probably would have been fine going with the shade darker. But when we but it on the wall it looked SO dark. Oh well. The green is Keilei's room.

The door to the garage straight ahead, 2nd pantry doors to the left and to the right...
is where the washer and dryer will go
This is the kids bathroom
Spare bedroom
Keilei's room
Rush's bedroom
Standing in kitchen looking at living room dining room.
Pantry, where our built in desk will be, and back door.
Master bedroom..getting ready to lay the carpet
Master bathroom & closet
Front door & banister going in
Stairs to basement
Great room in basement with a room/office & a storage room to the right.
It has a bunch of my little sisters stuff in it, plus extra windows, screen door and other work stuff
Utility room. To the right will be a bedroom.
outside of that bedroom is where the bathroom will go. Then on the other side of that is
This room which was meant to be two small rooms but we are going to make it into one big room.
I want to have this be the playroom/spare sleeping and have a bunk bed in there too. But that is a long way away right now.
Our back yard out our back door
back yard out Keilei's window
also loking out Keilei's window
Keilei's closet. The right wall looks just like the picture below
Rush's closet. the spare bedroom looks the same. The master closet is similar as well.
The carpet should be going in today and hopefully the cabinets any day now.


Mama Mia said...

wow jana!! that look so awesoome! it's going to be so nice for you when you get to move in! i can't wait to see the pics with all your things inside! :)