Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I haven't been consistent in my posting. But I wanted to say I had a great Thanksgiving. It was so nice to see my family. Sam came from Alaska, Nate and his family from Arizona, and Scott and Cristina came up from SLC. It was nice to visit with every one. And eat great food:)

On Nov. 24 I took Keilei and Lily to go see Tangled. It was really cute and the girls liked it. Lily came home and told everyone that her favorite part "was when the horse hit the guy!" Which was pretty funny.
On black Friday Walmarts deals started at midnight- stupid Walmart. So I was there but didn't even get what I went for, they where all gone in seconds. But I was was out ALL night going from store to store. I am NOT doing that again. So not worth saving a few bucks. But I got some cubby shelves for Keilei and Rush's rooms and a new set of pots and pans for Sean.
Then at 10:30 we met up with a guy that was doing a bid on our cabinets and we finalized everything with him. If anyone is looking to get cabinets go to Cabinets by Buz in Nibley. He was a couple grand cheaper then the other 3 places we got bids from. And we get to have the cabinets we really wanted not just the cheapest of the line. I am way excited to see them in our new house & with the floor we picked out. I just want to see it all together cause I am horrible at picturing how things are going to look.