Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Surprise

Dec.23, 2010 Sean, the kids, & I where sitting with my parents watching a show when an unexpected guest showed up...

Santa Claus!
Keilei was so excited. He gave her and Rush a candy cane and sat on his lap and told him that she wanted a Tangled doll for Christmas (she told everyone that) He showed her his "reindeer"( lamas dressed as reindeer) outside.
After he left I asked my Mom & Dad who that was they replied they had no idea, they said they thought that we had arranged it. We had no clue who he was. My Mom called a couple people to see if they knew, they didn't.

I was a little unsettled by that. It either could have been just a really nice guy, which he seemed to be, that was going around and just happened to see the kids through the window. Or it could have been a creeper...stacking out house, sicko having kids sit on his lap, etc. I kept thinking about it the whole night. I couldn't believe we let a complete stranger in the house and hold Keilei. But I figured Mom knew him and Mom figured I knew him.

Come to find out a couple days later that he was a Santa with the sub for Santa program and they where making deliveries near by and just stopped at the house on the block saying hi to kids. Thank goodness.