Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prize for Potty Training

She was so excited!
I had a sticker sheet for Keilei to help potty train her. Each time she went potty in the toilet she got 1 Swedish fish for peeing and 2 for pooping. Then she got to put one sticker on her chart. When she filled in a whole row she got a fruit by the foot. When she filled in the whole chart I told her we could go to the store and she could pick out a big toy. We went to two stores and looked/played with every single toy, but when I asked her if that was the toy she wanted she said no. (She even said no to a Tinker bell doll and a princess chair I was totally surprised) So we kept looking. Then we went past this toy and said that she wanted this one. We even looked at more toys after to make sure she was sure. But after walking down every isle she still wanted this one. So the Tonka Chuck race track it was! I was happy because Rush loves cars and I knew he would play with this too.
We took it home and daddy put it together for her and they played with it and had a blast. After a couple days though it seemed Keilei enjoyed taking it apart. But Rush loves it and the cars.