Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pictures of the House

House progress!
This is wear the dining table is going to go. The door goes into the master. That is our paint color. With the trim, doors, & ceiling all white. I think it is perfect in the hallway, bathroom, and bedrooms where they are small rooms. But I really wanted it a darker color in the kitchen and living room. But the color a shade darker we tested on the wall before we went with this one and it was going to be too dark. But this one is too light I wish they had a shade in between. But at the same time I would rather have too light then too dark.
Sean pointed out that we are going to have darker floors, dining table and picture frames on the wall and with all that he is sure it will look fine. I really hope so.
I can't wait to see it with the cabinets in! Which should get in on the 29th and take around a week to put in.

pantry in the kitchen, to the right of it will be a built in desk
Keilei's bedroom yeah I know it is super bright. My sister inlaw had the perfect color of green in her daughters room and I got the name of it from her but none of the stores had it. So I had to pick out one myself. I HATE picking out paint colors. HATE HATE HATE it. I think it will be cute when all her white furniture is in it and all her white frames on the least I hope so:)
Master room primed
Our front door
livingroom primed

hallway looking into spare bedroom, bathroom on the right. Keilei and Rush's rooms are right behind me.
Rush's bedroom primed
getting ready to pour the rest of out driveway

standing in my parents driveway looking back at our house
our house getting ready to pour cement for our parking, walk way and porch
our garage
kids bathroom
hallway looking into the spare bedroom
kitchen looking into the living room
Master bedroom
Our master bathroom looking into the closet