Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keilei's 3 Year Check Up

Keilei stats

Weight: 32 lbs 63%
Height: 39 in 88%
Body Mass Index 14.8 21% & to be honest I have no idea what that is, I have to look it up or as Sean?

She is tall and skinny, don't know a girl in the world that would complain about that:) Her She is healthy she doesn't have any of the sores on her bum, now that she is potty trained YEA!!! She got her first flu shot. Well it wasn't a shot it was one they put in her nose. I don't know that I am a big fan of them we will probably forgo them next year. I just keep learning new bad things about them in adult and it just makes me nervous giving them to my babies. I have never had one and I do fine. Sorry for the tangent.

The only concern I had about her was that she is pigeon toed. But he said that unless it is bad enough to make her walk on her tippy toes that it shouldn't be a problem and that it might actually give her an advantage while playing sports.

Oh I was a little worried that she doesn't eat much but he said that for the next couple years they don't grow very much so it is fine. Which is a relief because I swear that girl never eats. Rush is such a little boy that he eats all the time so it just make me notice the difference all the more.

Rush got his follow up flu shot at her appt. Keilei got mad at the nurse. She stood up and scowled at her and said you hurt my Rush. It was the cutest thing!


The Coons Family said...

So Funny... protective older sister, which will switch as they get older. I love your cute kids and awesome pics you always post!