Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keilei Does

This morning I was changing Rush's bum and getting his church clothes on and I hear Keilei doing something with the microwave. I finished as fast as I could and ran into Keilei in the dining room where she told be that she had burned her hand. I asked what she had been up to? She pointed to her baby's play bottle sitting on the computer desk. It had no "milk" in it and had a bunch of holes all over it. I reach for it and Keilei said don't touch it it's hot. I went to the kitchen, which smelt like something burning, to find the microwave open with "milk" sprayed everywhere and the remainder of the bottle.
So we were late to work because I had to take care of all that and explain to Keilei that she can't put anything in the microwave.
...good thing in the new house the microwave is above the stove:)

Acouple of days ago my sister Lori caught Keilei in the bathroom on top of the toliet reaching for the matches that were on the self above! Crap is all I have to say. We have to keep anything that has to do with fire basically locked up because she loves fire!