Friday, December 17, 2010

The House

The finishing work is going in i.e. the molding, door & window frames, closet shelves & banister. The paint should start next week. I am so indecisive that this decision is torture to me. I hate looking at a little inch by inch square and deciding whether it will look good in our entire house.

Anyway guys are working on building our front porch. I am excited, it was one of the only things that I was insistent about. I said I wanted it big enough to put a porch swing on it. I wanted a front porch where I could sit and watch the kids playing in our yard and my Mom's yard. I also wanted it to be covered so I could sit in the shade and not have to shovel it in the winter. So that is coming along.
They started the siding but haven't gotten far on it since they have to wait for the porch to be done first, and the cement guys need some good weather to finish the porch.
But the inside is still moving along. Sean and some of my family and guys from Sean's work started on putting the tile down in the bathrooms. It is a lot more work then I thought.
The red siding-looking out our back door
Tile in the master bath
Where our kitchen will be