Friday, December 3, 2010

Doing Well

People have asked how I am doing. Surprisingly I am doing really well. There are a number of reasons why when I stop and think about it. I thank Heavenly Father for each of them, they are all ways that we are very blessed...

1- I get pregnant very easily, that is kind of an understatement:)
2- Before we had our kids each time I had a prompting that it was time. I just "felt" like we should have a baby. (both times we were surprised how fast it happened) With this pregnancy I didn't get that "feeling" it just happened out of the blue.
3- I have two beautiful kids already! And they are both really young so they keep me busy.
4- We are busy. There is a lot on our minds, on our plates, and a lot to keep us busy, especially this time of year.

So Yes I am OK!
I kinda worry more about how I will be with my next pregnancy. Because although I should know better I kind of thought myself invincible to having a miscarriage. Maybe because it was something I never wanted to experience, maybe because there hasn't been very many miscarriages in my family, and maybe because my other two pregnancies went without a hitch(as far as the babies were concerned). But I learned different. So next time I think I will probably be a little more paranoid and more worried then I should be or need to be. And who knows maybe I will actually wait till I am more out of danger of miscarriage to tell people that I am pregnant...but I doubt it(I get too excited:)

But thank you all for the concern.


Mama Mia said...

hey cuz. :)
i'm glad you are doing ok.
i wanted to let you know that grandma draper had a miscarriage, i think she was about 5 months along my mom said. and i had 2, and my sister anna also had 2. sara didn't have any though.
i read somewhere when i was going through mine that a lot of people nowadays actually have a missed miscarriage, but don't really know that's what it is because they just think they are starting late and have a heavier period. they didn't think to test cause it was so soon.
i just wanted to give you some history for my family's side, i'm not sure if any of your sisters have had any, but it is interesting to know.
i love you. and am thankful for you. please email me or call if you need to talk or need anything at all.
it does get better. :)