Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day-Our House

Keilei didn't come to wake us up until around 8:30 by that time both Sean & I had woken, taken a shower and gotten ready for the day. I knew if I didn't get ready before the kids where up I would be stuck in my pj's all day.

Keilei SO excited to open what Santa left her in her stocking, she knew what it was, her Tangled doll. It is all she has been talking about since she saw the movie, that Santa is going to bring her the doll, if she is a good girl of course.

She loved her doll

Then we kinda got a sytem going. Rush was just chillin and content to watch. So Keilei would open the presents and then Rush would play with them, till Keilei opened another one that is...

Keilei opening, Rush playing with it
We tried to get Rush to open a couple but he didn't really care and Keilei couldn't wait so she would finish...

and then he would play with it:)
Trying out her new very own chair, that reclines like Mom & Dad's

getting Dad to open the toys
My adorable kids and me:)

Rush loved the new kitchen toys
and hugged each of the balls that he got:)

Exlporing their loot

trying to open their toys

wrestling with Daddy

Keilei putting on her makeup
Getting ready to watch a movie

My Hot Hubby & me