Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day-My Parents house


Keilei got a big Tinkerbell doll, she loved

Rush got a book and took it to Sean and Sean started to read it to him and I had to tell Sean that he was trying to sit down on his lap, cause Rush kept push his way past the book. It was really cute.

Our kids so excited, Keilei to open a present and Rush to push one around
My Dad opening a present. His big gift this year was a kindle(sp?) He has been reading tons since he retired:)
some of my family opening presents

Sean opening Keilei's big Tangled doll that she got. She was so excited

Grandma got Keilei a Tinkerbell chair so she could watch movies in it at her house

Mom got a snowblower from my brother Sam. He lives in Alaska so he sent us the money and we picked it up for her. She is on the phone with Sam.
Keilei got a Tangled vanity from Uncle Josh, and Uncle Scott put it together for her. She was excited.
After we ate a big, late breakfast Bry and his family and Jeff & Melinda came over and opened presents.

We went home and took a nap and then went back to my parents and had dinner. Then they watched them while Sean & I went to see a movie. Then we picked up the kids and it was home to bed.