Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sat. Oct. 16, 2010 - Tammy's Birthday Party

Around 4 Nichole, Missy, & I went to the stake center to start setting things up. Nichole did an amazing job of making all the decorations and getting everything together, not to mention while have 20ish people staying at her house. She is so amazing I don't know how she does it.
Tammy's Birthday Party

Tammy and her kids
Sean, Ryan, Tammy, Brandon, Melissa

Kids and their spouses
Sean, Jana, Nichole, Ryan, Tammy, Brandon, Beka, Torben, Melissa
With kids too! The whole family
add Tyler, Kate, Xanen, Isabel, Keilei, & Rush

Ms. Wonder Women! Nichole did it all!
Tammy and Nichole
Tammy by her cake

Vicki standing by the cake she made for Tammy
Torben, Ryan, & Missy my the B-day present the kids got her. A frame with all the kids family pictures in it.

everyone eating

the Mexican food

The cake

we divided the gym in half and had a table of play dough and coloring books and TV for the kids. This is Keilei being antisocial

Then the big boys snuck over to this side and played ball most of the time

I LOVE this picture of Kate and Keilei. This is the nicest they where to each other the whole trip.
The kids loved the balloons

Tammy's siblings